I frequently have people reach out to me to "pick my brain", or receive comments - " I wish I could pick your brain" - now you can! Prior to the present, I only offered my services to high end private mastermind groups, now, I am offering my services to the general public!
Rent my brain = $1,500 for a Zoom call in regards to Property Management, marketing, growing a team and more! For years, I coached, trained and helped people in the industry get to the next level. In the past, I only helped coach and train through referral only or in private masterminds groups – NOW - I am offering my services to the public! Act now - limited spots available for zoom calls.

Topics I can help you with:
  • Starting or building a real estate team
  • If you are an agent, how to double you GCI in the next 12 months leadership
  • ​If you are an agent how to sell 100-200 homes a year 
  • ​Building a property management division
  • ​Building a property management division 
  • ​Growing an existing real estate team
  • ​Growing your brand through marketing 
  • ​Inspiring and training your agents 
  • ​Recruiting, onboarding and marketing for you team 
  • ​Expanding into mortgage, title, insurance and other ancillary services 
For brokers, managers or team leaders - Need inspiration for your agents? Seeking training, Q&A and more? Need to get your agents fired up for a sales rally or anything in between? I can help with that - Brandon can also speak to your managers about leading and inspiring your agents. Click below to inquire!
Consulting for 3 months available. Do you have a project or something larger scale where you'll need guidance over time? I offer 4 Zooms calls a week, for 3 months, at a price of $5,000 a month *Must commit to three months.

Would you like Brandon to come speak at your organization to your agents, leadership, or management ? Brandon has spoken all over the country - from small, intimate gatherings to large scale - to agents on growing their business, to management on leadership, and to leadership teams on how to help them grow their business and that of their agents. Your attendees will leave inspired with actionable items they can implement immediately to grow their business.

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